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Svpply Released on Android

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Svpply Released on Android

My favourite shopping app has just released an Android version of its app. Svpply, which is essentially window shopping on your device, has had apps on iOS for nearly a year now. Obviously with the popularity and usage on iOS, they've now brought it over to Android. You can login with your account, want stuff and buy stuff, all from your Android device. The experience is very similar to the iOS version.

The best part is the ability to buy goods right from your device. When you find something you like, just hit "buy" and it'll put into Chrome, from where you can buy the item from. Svpply only links to sellers sites though which means you'll get a different buying experience every time, that inevitably to some great and not so great buying experiences. Thankfully most modern online stores are making it easier for users to buy on smaller devices.

Svpply for Android