Sunrise for iPhone – An App To Revolutionise Your Calendar

There are apps out there trying to revolutionise everything. Mailbox/Sparrow for emails, Google Maps for maps, WhatsApp for messaging and Spotify for music. But no one seems to trying to revolutionise the calendar.

Sunrise is an app which wants to make your calendar a lot more of a quicker and pleasant experience. To get started you sign in with Facebook and you can also add your Google calendar and LinkedIN. It’ll pull data from those sources and put them all into the app. Instead of having to keep up with multiple calendars from different services.

Instead of your regular calendar app which will usually make you swipe left to right to see days or months, with this it’s an endless scroll. At the top you’ll be given 14 days, as you swipe down and move on to events which are on different days, it’ll automatically switch to that day.

When you tap on an event like a friend’s birthday from Facebook, it’ll show their Facebook cover photo and options which enable you to say happy birthday. This of course changes depending on an event, so you’ll always be given different information from which you can act upon directly in the app.

I myself don’t use the calendar much right now anyway. But an app like this is absolutely perfect for the organised person who always has events in their calendar.

Sunrise for iPhone

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