New Details About Bungie's New Title, Destiny | Video

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After much silence about Bungie's new title, we finally get some much anticipated information about their new and massive first person shooter. In Destiny, centuries from now human civilization reaches their golden ages and is able to extend far beyond the comfort of Earth and civilize the Moon, Mars, Venus, the moons of Jupiter, and even the rings of Saturn. Of course, all good things come to an end when an unexplained catastrophic event destroys most of the human species.

New Details About Bungie's New Title, Destiny | Video

The survivors all retreat to the last safe city on Earth which is protected by a mysterious entity known as the Traveler. The cracked white sphere hovers over the last remaining human beings protecting them from the constant threat of eradication. The Traveler isn't the only thing protecting the human race though. Guardians powered by the Traveler are determined to uncover the reasoning behind humanity's downfall.

It's a world "where any story is possible," Bungie says.

In Destiny, you'll play as your own customizable Guardian; equipping armor, clothing, new weapons, vehicles and spacecrafts. All of these items obtained will be seen through single player, cooperative, and competitive game modes. Giving Bungie even more support of their "always connected" goal. To do this, players will require an internet connection at all times, allow you to meet players online to compete, socialize, trade, and gamble. To make this as clear as possible, Destiny is not Halo. Players will not be controlling Destiny's version of Master Chief.

"We're really putting players at the center of the world and giving them control of their experience," says Jason Jones, Bungie co-founder and Destiny project director. "From the ground up, we've built this game to be social and cooperative.


What an exciting world that Bungie has developed too. While traversing Destiny, Guardians will encounter and battle alien species such as Sandeaters and War Rhinos,  time traveling robots and even space zombies are going to be included.

Destiny is a "shared-world shooter," says Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg. He explains that as the game’s concepts was formed, Bungie and Activision didn’t feel it fit into a pre-existing genre. Part first-person shooter, part open-world sandbox and part persistent universe, Destiny is constantly evolving but retaining players' persistent progression, Hirshberg says.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is the use of mobile apps to further immerse players into the universe of Destiny, again, keeping the always connected nature of the game.

"Destiny mobile can reach players in ways we never have before," Osborne says. "We can notify people when there's new stuff to do in the world, connect them with their friends and social groups. We can help them share their stories and ours."

"We truly believe we can change the way they play games together."

This is an ambitious game with a lot of great ideas but there' still so much we don't know about it. In the ViDoc below we get a bit more insight on what's going on behind the scenes and even see a bit of what looks like beta gameplay. Polygon addressed some of our questions in their write up about the title. Bringing light to when the game would be released, what the general gameplay will entail, how competitive multiplayer works, how the classes work and if we'll be paying a monthly fee for this game that has such strong characteristics of an MMO.

Bungie Destiny is set to release on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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