An Interesting Twitter Redesign | Concept


Everyone has an idea of what their favourite should look like instead of what it currently looks like. Some people take it further and actually mock up some concepts of what they would make a site look like. We've posted many redesigns before, one worth checking out is this Facebook redesign.

Zsolt Hutvagner a web and UI designer from Budapest has come up with his own redesign for Twitter. His redesign is an interesting one, taking cues from other apps and putting it all into one.

One major difference is the addition of columns. The official Twitter site and app only has the one column for tweets. Tweetdeck was one of the first to introduce columns to follow tweets, mentions and lists all at once. Zsolt has put columns into his redesign so you can see more tweets at once.

This isn't the prettiest redesign though. He's gone for the flat Metro look but I don't there is enough padding between elements, which ends up making the tweets feed look cluttered, like there's too much going on.

An Interesting Twitter Redesign | Concept

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