Google I/O 2013 Official, Register on March 13

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Google I/O 2013 Official, Register on March 13

Google's big I/O event has become official. It's easily one of the most popular and biggest tech events on the planet. Last years event cost a whopping $900 but that didn't put people off, all 5000 tickets sold out within an hour.

This years I/O will be held between the 15th-17th of May. As you can see from the screenshot above, registration for the event opens on the 13th of March at 7:00 AM PDT time, that should be 2PM GMT time.

Who knows what the price of a ticket will be this year, but I'm guessing it'll be even higher than last years. Though in return you do usually get equipment equivalent to the price of a ticket. So this year you might get a Nexus 4. Nexus 7 and a Nexus 10.