Elegant Abode Designed By SAOTA

Designed by SAOTA and Antoni Associates, this amazing residence radiates luxury. Located in Bantry Bay, Cape Town, South Africa, this spectacular house, situated directly above a rocky coastline, features incredible views of mountains and the ocean without sacrificing the jaw-dropping interior we have come to expect from Antoni Associates.

Neighboring a large relaxing area is an infinity pool. The jacuzzi looks as if it is floating on the surface of the pool, but it is held aloft by supporting columns underneath. The sitting area directly next to the infinity pool allows residents and guests to watch people swimming in the pool and allows for spectacular views in a panoramic fashion. A lounge area, complete with a bar, has sliding doors that open to sunlight in the morning. At night, the doors can be left open to provide easy access to the pool area.

The designers went with a transparent theme throughout the residence with every door and wall made of glass. This effectively gives every room a view of the surrounding nature and it allows for ample natural lighting so it looks warmer and more inviting. As with many contemporary residences, this house features an interior courtyard with a stone garden, bamboo trees, an extremely shallow pond, and a small three-step bridge.

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