Dualshock 4 & PS4 Eye Announced


Dualshock 4 & PS4 Eye Announced

With the PlayStation 4 announcement, Sony also announced the new Dualshock 4 controller and the PS4 Eye. Both will be packaged along with the PlayStation 4.

Dualshock 4 4

The Dualshock 4 controller follows the same style as the previous generations, but with longer handles and more curves to fit better in the hand. I've always been a fan of the Dualshock controllers ever since the beginning.

This new controller comes with a touchpad, a share button, a lightbar, a speaker and a headphone jack. A mono headset will also come with bundled with the console which can plug into the controller and give users the ability to use voice chat. The speaker on the controller pushes out sound effects as you play, just like the Wii controller.

The controller still has the Sixaxis sensor but Sony are saying it's a lot more sensitive.

The lightbar on the top has three LED's inside which can change colour and provide information to players. One example is that the bar will illuminate as the same colour as the player's avatar to let the player know which character they're controlling. It can also do things like change colour to show how much health you have left, so green could be for full health, red could be for very low health.

The touchpad on the controller is capacitive thankfully and can support two simultaneous touches at once.

The start and select buttons have now gone and the user now has an options button instead.

The analog sticks are now concave, like the ones you'll find on the Xbox 360 controller. This has been done to make them more grippy.

PS4 Eye 3

Included with the PlayStation 4 will also be the new PS4 Eye. It features two 1280x800 cameras, f/2.0 fixed focus lenses, 85-degree field of view and four microphones. This new peripheral is actually more powerful than the Microsoft Kinect. With the higher resolution cameras and the array of microphones it will no doubt give users the ability to simply make gestures and speak to control the PS4.

With the high-resolution cameras the PS4 will have facial recognition so it can recognise specific users. So if there were two or more people using the console, when a user comes in front of the PS4 Eye, it could automatically change to their account.