Case Mate Barely There for iPhone 5

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Case Mate Barely There for iPhone 5

Thanks to MobileFun for sending the case out for review.

Case-Mate have become a household name when it comes to mobile phone cases. They produce some of the best and high quality cases available for many different mobile phones.

Recently Case-Mate have released a new version of there Barely There case for the iPhone 5. We've already covered the iPhone 4 version which became my main case for my iPhone 4.


The iPhone 5 version is just what I expected when coming from the iPhone 4. It uses the same lovely matt black texture which the previous version used. The texture is great for grip and is a lot grippier than the normal iPhone 5 back. One problem with this texture is that it attracts a lot of fingerprints, it's practically impossible to keep clean from the prints.

It fits the phone very snugg and tight and is thick enough to provide adequate protection. Of course it won't survive having a car drive over it or being dropped from 50 feet, but it'll easily protect the iPhone 5 if it were to slip out of your hands onto concrete or tarmac.


The case has a lip around the edge which is pretty pronounced, unlike on any other case I've seen before. I think it's actually too much. It's a great way to protect the device's screen but then it makes the device feel a lot thicker than than you think. It kind of ruins the feeling of having such a skinny device. I don't mind the extra thickness because I like to be assured that my iPhone 5 is protected, but others may not like it and may want something even thinner.


The inside of the case has this very random design that is made from a layer of rubber. I'm guessing it was made specifically to absorb the energy from a drop.


Overall the case is as high quality as you would expect from a company like Case-Mate. It's perfect for those who want to add adequate protection without compromising design and style. It's not cheap, at £20, but then you are getting a quality case made from some very durable and high quality materials.

Case Mate Barely There for iPhoneiPhone 5 cover