BUDGT for iPhone – Minimalistic Budgeting App

Apps with flat UI’s are becoming ever more popular and BUDGT is a great example of where that sort of design can be used very well. BUDGT is very well designed app which is made perfectly for the person who likes to set themselves budgets for the month.

Unless you have a very good memory or spend very little every month, it’s nearly impossible keeping a mental track of where you’re spending your money. BUDGT aims to help you keep track of your expenses each day for the month.

You simply start off by putting in your income for the month. If you’re trying to save money I suggest putting in an amount lower than your actual income, that way it’ll look like that extra money doesn’t exist. Then as you go through the days of the month you can start putting in your expenses. You can name the categories yourself so you literally have every corner covered.

When you have put in your budget for the month, it’ll average out how much you can spend daily to stay within your budget. It’s a neat way to stop you from overspending.

The app can work with any type of budget, whether it be very small or in the hundreds of thousands. It’s been designed to cater to most people’s needs. The app is made to be simple, not to give you detailed graphs and analyse every bit of your spending. It’s very well designed and is more than easy to get around. When starting up the app you’re also given a quick guide on how to get started.

I myself will be using this app from now on just so I can keep track of my personal expenses. It’s no where near as complicated as many other expense tracking apps and that’s what makes it a lot more useful for me.

Also if there are any freelancers reading this, this app will be a gem for you.

BUDGT for iPhone

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