Twitter Releases Vine, An Instant Video Sharing App


Twitter Releases Vine, An Instant Video Sharing App

With video sharing apps like Viddy and Telly which have had very good success, especially Viddy, Twitter has released Vine, its very own video sharing app. Vine was bought by Twitter in October 2012, before the company could even release its product. A few months later their app has now been released.

Vine is an app which allows users to shoot up to 6 seconds if video footage and share it quickly to Twitter. The video then plays in an infinite loop when you watch it, whether that be on the Twitter website or a Twitter app.

It looks like Twitter wants a piece of the pie when it comes to video sharing. Sure it won't be YouTube, that's not the aim here, but it's a way to create short videos which kind of look like GIFs. Sound is recorded when recording a video, but by default it's muted when you play a video on the Twitter website or Twitter app.

This is an interesting move by Twitter and it may just be a game-changer.

The app is only available for iOS for now. But Twitter have promised to bring it to Android very soon.

Vine for iOS