C SEED - World's Largest TV

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C SEED - World's Largest TV

The C SEED is a new monstrous TV made by the folks at the Porsche Design Studio. The people who seems to use the same design over and over again in its cars. Anyway moving on. This TV is a huge 201-inches and is specially made for outdoor use. The TV itself is not one screen, it's instead made from seven separate screens which then align together. It all folds out from a neat package in the space of 25 seconds. It uses a total of 725,000 LED's for super brightness outdoors and has a 100,000 Hz refresh rate.

It's very flexible, with the ability to rotate up to 135 degrees to the left or right. Sound? It's also got that covered with six individual speakers covering all the highs and mids, and three 700W subwoofers to cover the lows.

Getting content to the TV is also an easy affair. You simply hook up your satellite or whatever else to a multi-source media box, that'll then send the signal to the TV via lossless optical-fibre link cables. You can also send content to the TV via a wireless transmitter, so it's easy to hook up a phone, tablet or games console to the TV.

To protect itself in bad weather it uses wind, temperature and laser sensors to make sure it stays tucked away.

No word on pricing but expect to spending hundreds of thousands on something like this.