The Replacer – Hilarious Video for The Revolution DLC Map Pack – Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Activision have stepped up their game a little when it comes to advertisements for their Call of Duty franchise. Recently they’ve been hiring major actors and celebrities to feature in their ads, and the new ad for The Revolution DLC map pack features actor Peter Stormare.

The map pack itself will include four new maps, a new weapon and a new role in Zombies where you are a zombie.

This is the first time ever that a new weapon is coming in a DLC pack. The new weapon is an SMG by the name of “Peacekeeper”.

The new mode in Zombies which allows you to be a zombie is called “Turned”. In this mode you and a bunch of other zombies have to go after a lone human in the map. The player who kills the human then becomes the human. When you’re the human you have to survive as long as possible, which in turn gives you points. The winner is the person at the end of the round who has the most points.

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