Quantic Dream’s Kara – A New PS3 Technology | Video

Kara was a way of showing off Quantic Dream’s new game engine that used new motion capture technology running on a PS3. Quantic Dream is a French based video games developer company based in France, they’re highly known for their Heavy Rain game which released in 2010.

Kara is just a short video which goes through the quick process of building a robot, one which can look after your house, do the cooking and many more other things. The video isn’t solely about the character, but what Quantic Dreams have come up with. It’s a pretty awesome video which can easily draw you in.

With technology like this being used on PS3, who knows what the next generation consoles will entail, such as the PS4 and XBOX 720.

Note that the video isn’t anything new. It was first published in March 2012.

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