PaperTab - A Paper Like Tablet

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PaperTab - A Paper Like Tablet

Even though tablets are getting slimmer and more portable, nothing beats the flexibility of paper. Also nothing happens to paper when you drop it, unlike a tablet which is usually made out of aluminium, plastic and glass, which can easily be damaged.

PaperTab is a completely new type of tablet which has been revealed at CES 2013. The tablet is powered by an Intel i5 processor and has a 10.7-inch high resolution E-ink screen. The screen is completely flexible and shatterproof.

A unique feature the tablet has is that separate PaperTab's can interact with each other. You can do things like open applications on separate tablets, so each screen is an app, but they're all under the same OS. You can drag and drop content. You can simply touch another PaperTab to pull a file from it, like a PDF. You can expand things such as blueprints across multiple PaperTab's.

So you can easily create a huge PaperTab workspace consisting of many different displays.

Of course this is a concept product right now. There is a lot more work to be done to make it perfect. And it may never come to consumers.