Google Time - A Google Watch | Concept

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Google Time - A Google Watch | Concept

Wearable watches which contain tech are becoming very popular now. As how mobiles went through the revolution to becoming mini computers in our pockets, watches seem to be going through the same phase. People don't want to just use their watches to read the time, they want them to do so much more, like interact with our phones, display information like texts and show the weather.

Adrian Maciburko came up with his own concept for a watch which fits around Google's products and branding, called Google Time. This watch is super minimal and has been designed to fit Google's minimalistic style. The concept includes voice search, Google Places, the weather, Google+ and a calendar. It fits right in with how Google would do something.

What other features would you like to see in a watch like this if it were ever produced by Google? I think I'd love to be able to run watch-specific apps, such as mini games and maybe even navigation. I'd also love to have it waterproof of course.

Please note this is a concept, and just that. It will never actually happen.