Flat – The New Design Trend for 2013

Various design websites have been going through the concept of a flat design in UI. Whether it be for a website or for an app, flat and minimal designs are becoming the new trend when it comes to design. People are moving away from the skeuomorphism design which has been very popular over the past few years. Apple introduced it in iOS and since then many designers have adopted it.

But with websites and apps being across many platforms and covering many different screen sizes, it can be tedious and time consuming creating skeuomorphic designs for multiple screen sizes and resolutions. Designers are now moving towards more flat designs which are a lot easier to make responsive, you can make it once and be assured it’ll look great on all screen sizes.

I’ve always been a huge fan of the flat and minimal design trend. I’m also a huge fan of the Metro design which Microsoft introduced in the Zune and have carried over to their current day products such as Windows 8, XBOX Live and web services like Hotmail.

Here are some brilliant examples of flat design in place.

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