CST-01 - World's Thinnest Watch

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CST-01 - World's Thinnest Watch

A two-man company by the name of Central Standard Timing have come up with what is the thinnest watch in the world right now, the CST-01. This watch is a mere 0.8mm thick, has an E-ink display and is housed in a single piece of aluminium.

The watch comes with a neat little charging stand that holds the watch with magnets. It only takes 10 minutes to charge and will last around a month on a single charge. They say the battery should last for over 15 years. However I'm afraid that the watch may not last anywhere near that long because of how thin it is. It seems a bit too delicate but I could be completely wrong.

It doesn't have any special features like other watches, it just displays the time. Though the font used isn't very nice, I'd say it looks a bit childish. Other than that though, the watch is bloody stunning, especially the black version. It looks so sleek and minimal.

Currently it's up on Kickstarter and has already nearly reached half of its goal in a day so it looks like it will have no trouble reaching its $200,000 goal. It might be another Kickstarter hit the way it's going right now.

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