Cloudier - An Awesome CloudApp App | Coming Soon

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Cloudier - An Awesome CloudApp App | Coming Soon

CloudApp, a very popular file sharing website which is ideal for sharing images, files and videos unfortunately doesn't have an iPhone app. CloudApp is very popular mainly amongst Mac OS X users because it's only available on OS X, most Mac users also own iPhones, so Jackie Tran has come up with his own app for use with CloudApp.

Jackie Tran is an awesome UI/UX designer from the Czech Republic. He was also the guy to release the amazing Circles icons, which are completely free.

Cloudier is his iteration of what CloudApp should be like on the iPhone. He's been working on the app for a few months now and has been posting little updates on his Dribbble page.

He has now released a promo video showing how the app will work and it looks nothing short of awesome. The whole UI, the animations and the user experience look awesome.