Apple Announces 128GB Version of iPad with Retina Display

Apple has just announced that a new and larger version of the iPad with Retina display is going to be coming on the 5th of February.

With the iPad being the most popular tablet ever, developers have been going crazy developing many apps specifically for it. With it having a retina display it also means images, video and graphics have to be a lot larger, more than full HD. With all this content being a lot larger, it also takes up a lot more storage space, which has been noticeable ever since the release of the Retina iPad.

This 128GB version is aimed at very intensive iPad users who hold a lot of content. Apple are also aiming it at businesses who may use iPads to help run their business, whether it be an architect or a doctor.

The tablet will be $799 for the WiFi version and $929 for the WiFi + Cellular version. That’s definitely not cheap whatsoever but again, it is aimed at a specific set of users.


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