Action Launcher - Built To Get You Where You Need To Go, Faster

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Action Launcher - Built To Get You Where You Need To Go, Faster

Action Launcher is now my android launcher of choice for three reasons: it looks gorgeous, it's extremely minimal, and it significantly increases productivity. Chris Lacy, the developer behind Tweet Lanes and numerous video games just released this revolutionary android launcher, and it's making waves.

First off, Action Launcher is revolutionary and has a special place among the other big names such as ADW and LauncherPro because it provides a simple way to access apps without the hassle of the app drawer. The Sidebar allows anybody to access their apps within a second , whether there's an app shortcut on the home screen or not.  Each letter on the right side of the sidebar can be tapped to take you to its respective part of the alphabetized list.

Another distinguishing feature of this app is "covers". Covers provide a smart and unobtrusive alternative to typical folders. When you drag an app icon on top of another app icon, it will overlay a small square next to the icon indicating the creation of a cover. Once a cover has been created, you can tap once on the app icon to open the app normally or double tap the icon to open it up as a folder.

A persistent action bar stays at the top of the screen to provide easy access to the Play Store, Google Now, Personalization options, Settings, and more. The developer did give the end-user the option to give the bar a transparent background or a holo theme. In order to improve the efficiency of personalizing your home screen, the launcher has logically placed the widget, wallpaper and app selection in the same area; unlike other launchers, where you have to go through multiple menus.

Users can add up to seven home screens, decide whether they want a dock separator, or whether they want the home button to open/close the sidebar through the app's settings panel. The app is still in its early stages, but constant updates are bringing it up to speed with the competition. Since the launcher is geared toward speed and productivity more than features, extras such as theme support may or may not be added in the future.

Action Launcher for Android