7 Awesome Photoshop Secrets


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Photoshop has become one of the go-to programs when it comes to designing stuff and photo editing. Over the years as it has developed, more and more features are being added along the way. Unfortunately with their being so many features it's impossible to cover every single one. Only the major ones seem to be pointed out, but the little things that help with work flow seem to be forgotten about.

Edward Sanchez runs a Tumblr blog called Photoshop Secrets where he posts some awesome Photoshop tricks which are not blatantly obvious at first or are forgotten about. Here are just 7 of the many secrets he's posted.

Note: These are Mac based. If you know the PC alternative, please do post them in the comments and I'll add them to the post.

Repeat a transformation

If you've made a transformation to an object, such as changing an image size, you may want to apply that to another object. You can simply do so with - ⌘⇧T

Hide/show multiple layers

A neat way of hiding and showing multiple layers are once is by simply clicking and dragging.

7 Awesome Photoshop Secrets

Rounded rectangle radius resizer

We've posted this one before but it can easily be forgotten about. This neat little script allows you to change the radius of a rectangle on the fly, instead of having to create a whole new one. You can even change the radius of just one corner if you wanted.

Rounded Rectangle Radius Resizer for Photoshop

Download - Rounded rectangle radius sizer script

Align text with shortcuts

⌘⇧L - align left

⌘⇧R - align right

⌘⇧C - align center

Makes guides quickly with GuideGuide

We've also covered this one before but it's a real gem. Creating guides is such a pain in the ass. GuideGuide enables you to create lots all at once with just one click.


Download - GuideGuide

Set colour of object or text quickly

To set the colour of an object or text quickly you can use these shortcuts:

⌘⌫ - to set color from background

⌥⌫ - to set color from foreground

Quickly paste dummy text

A missed feature in Photoshop CS6 is the ability to paste dummy text. When creating a new text box simple go to Type > Paste Lorem Ipsum.