WynCASE - A Controller and Case In One


WynCASE - A Controller and Case In One

Everyone wants the console experience on their iPhone because you can take the iPhone anywhere with you. Unfortunately with the screen being touchscreen, developers have to create touchscreen-based games to be popular, like Angry Birds.

Of course there are some developers who make clones for the iPhone, like Rockstar have with the GTA series. I've found using the touchscreen very troublesome and gets in the way when playing these games. WynCASE might be able to solve the problem.

This neat Kickstarter project is a case and controller all-in-one. It takes the idea of having hardware buttons and attaching them to the case which you always have on your iPhone.

The case already supports many games out of the box Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Real Racing 2, Tiny Wings, Jetpack Joyride and many others.

If you want to get your hands on one and help the project succeed in hitting its funding goal, you can simply submit $30. There is only around 300 spaces left though so you have to be quick.

The case will come in various different colours too to suit your tastes.

Though the case is a bit awkward looking and not very stylish, it's perfect for anyone who loves gaming on their iPhone.