Wunderlist 2 - Even More Powerful & Gorgeous


Wunderlist 2 - Even More Powerful & Gorgeous

Wunderlist, one of my favourite to-do-list apps has just been completely revamped. After quite a few months of hard work from 6Wunderkinder(the developers), they have released what may possibly be the most powerful to-do-list app.

The main aim for the company was to make it so that you could keep up with your list anywhere. So now they have launched native apps for Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows PC and a web version. So you're covered nearly everywhere. Everything is kept in sync between all platforms so you can expect lists to be updated on your Mac when you create a new task on your iPhone.

Reminders have now become a huge part of the app. You can set dates and times to tasks for when they're supposed to be completed. You can have them recurring too which is perfect for a task you may want to get done everyday, or once a week. There is also the ability to add subtasks to main tasks. So this could potentially be used as a project app, where you may have little tasks under one main project.

The app has been completely redesigned. But for some odd reason they still use the wooden background which I personally think is hideous. Thankfully the background can be changed. The rest of the app is simply stunning, down to the way the buttons look and how things slide on and off the screen with lovely UI animations. It's easily one of the best animated apps I've come across.

You can create tasks with friends and colleagues too. Turning it into a collaboration companion. If you've signed in with Facebook on the app, it can pull all your contacts and you can simply invite them to a list. Of course, you can still invite them via email.

The best thing about the app though is that it's completely free. Other apps like Clear may be nice to look at and have brilliant gestures, but Wunderlist is far more powerful. It offers a lot more features that many don't.

Wunderlist for iPhone | Android | Mac | Windows | Chrome | Web