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Wood Wallet By Slim Timber

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Wood Wallet By Slim Timber

Having an accessory that's unique gives you an interesting sense of accomplishment. Knowing that most won't have the item and that it will instantly draw the eyes attention is something that we all subconsciously aim to achieve when we buy most things in life. I know that I thrive on things like that; whether it's shoes, watches, glasses, and even wallets. I get this not-so-subtle layer of pride after I obtain something so different and interesting. That's why I'm so drawn to this wooden wallet by Slim Timber.

Slim Timber is a small company composed of a husband and wife from Boise Idaho. They only have two products; both are two different variations of the wood wallet: one composed of walnut wood and the other maple wood. The wallet is only four inches wide and and two and a half inches in height. Yet, with it can hold up to eight credit cards or ID cards, several business cards, or you can mix it up and add some cash in there as well.

The contents of your wood wallet are held firmly by a magnetic leather clasp and it also adds a great aesthetic to the item more commonly known as a "card holder."

Head over to Slim Timber's website to pick one of these up. The price? $45. A bargain if you're in the market for an excellent piece of craftsmanship that's handmade and completely unique.

Wood Wallet By Slim Timber

Wood Wallet by Slim Timber