Watch Maximillian Go 111-2 In Black Ops 2

Doing extremely well in Black Ops 2 is much harder than any of the other Call of Duty titles. Kill-streaks (now called Score-streaks) force you to do more than just shoot your enemies and actually participate in the objectives. Modifying your loadouts are more difficult and you’ve got to be incredibly decisive about what you want to go into battle with. Even the learning curve of this game is a bit more challenging and you’ve actually got to adapt for a bit.

I’m happy if I get more than 17 kills in this game. So you can imagine my disbelief when I see one of my favorite Youtubers, Maximillian, get 111 kills with only 2 deaths. In the video below, you see how he’s able to accomplish something so incredible  while commentating through the match.

A huge reason why he’s able to get so many kills (aside from being just flat out good) is thanks to the Swarm Loop. Now that is no easy feat. You are essentially required to run high end score-streaks to get a loop of any sort going. A score-streak loop happens when you’ve reached your highest streak and then the streak itself gets you up to your first tier or even second tier score streak. It’s really quite cool to see and ten times worst to be on the receiving end of it.

Check the video out below and be sure to follow Maximillian on Youtube. He has dozens of entertaining and informative videos from a slew of different games.

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