Vimeo Comes To Xbox 360


Vimeo Comes To Xbox 360

Microsoft's has been adding quite a few new apps to the dashboard, making the console even more of a family entertainment system than a gaming device. Today, they console gets another addition to the apps marketplace--Vimeo, the stylish video streaming service.

Vimeo has always been a fan favorite because of the quality of the content that was featured by the staff and community. You will not see any six second ab videos appearing on the main page (which is always a good thing). Now, you get that quality control and great vidoe content  on your 55'' LCD TV in the living room while slouching on the couch.  Controls on the controller are the same as with the other apps but of course, you can control Vimeo with Kinect as well because....why not?

The first thing you'll notice (at least the first thing I noticed) is how the color change of this app makes the layout look cleaner. It's quite similar t the iHeartRadio app which feels cluttered. This is simple, very minimal, and much easier on the eyes.

You can even see the activity of your Xbox LIVE friends, even though they're probably just watching the Gangham Style video.....again.