Twitter Updated To Add Photo Filters, Take That Instagram


Twitter Updated To Add Photo Filters, Take That Instagram

There is quite a bit of tension between Twitter and Instagram, ever since Instagram was bought by Facebook. Twitter did make an offer for the service but they declined, saying they weren't interested in getting bought. A short while after, they're suddenly sold to Facebook.

Ever since then the two services have been drifting apart, losing the connections they have to become what they both are today.

Twitter is now hitting back at Instagram by introducing photo filters into its apps. This rumour has been flying around for a while but it's now official.

The Android app looks to be the first to receive the update with the filters. There are only nine filters to choose from and you can either swipe across to see the photo use them, or get a thumbnail view with them all on your chosen photo.

The wand-like button on the bottom left enables you to "fix" the image. It'll analyse the image and workout whether it needs brightening up, darkening or more contrast. It's like the LUX feature from the Instagram app.

Once you're happy you can just tweet the image. It's a fairly simple process. But this is no doubt a jab at Instagram.

However I think I'll still be using Instagram due to it's social functionality with pictures.

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