TurnPlay for iPad, Gorgeous Vinyl Record Player

The vinyl days were just before I was born so I will never know what it was like to buy them at the music store and have big old record player. However if you’re one of those people which wants to go back in time and have a virtual experience of a record player, there’s an app for that.

Turnplay recently received a redesign to make it one of the most beautiful apps available right now on the iPad. It’s one of those apps where you really appreciate the amount of attention to detail which has been put in.

Features include:

  • Realistic animation and sound elements
  • Pitch control
  • Record control (yes, this means the ability to scratch the record, so you think you’re some sort of DJ)
  • Playback speed control

That’s literally all the app can do, which isn’t much. But it’s one of those apps which you will love purely because of the design.

TurnPlay for iPad

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