Snapguide Released for iPad

Snapguide has been updated to now support the iPad. For those who don’t know what Snapguide is, it’s an app which enables anyone to create and upload step-by-step guides for anyone to look at. It’s a great way to share everyday tricks that others may not know of.

It’s become a very popular app and so it should be, it’s made by people who have worked at Google and Yahoo. The design of the app is simply brilliant and the user experience is great too. Everything is as simple as possible so people can get around the app to find guides, and for people to easily and efficiently upload guides of their own.

The iPad version is in a more magazine style layout, suiting the larger screen a lot better than the card type view on the iPhone. It’s a good way to give the impression you’re reading a guide from a magazine and not just off the internet.

Snapguide for iPad

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