A Showcase of Creative Landing Pages

Editors Note: Alex writes for Print Express, who specialise in custom printed business cards, flyers & posters. In his spare time he studies graphic and web design and learns to code.

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance at making a first impression. This is particularly relevant for startups and small businesses – if a visitor arrives at their site to check out their service or product and doesn’t like what they see, then it’s unlikely that they’ll ever return. The landing page is hugely important in getting people to find out more about the product, download or try out the trial and eventually spend their hard earned money. A poorly designed page will be less likely to convey that information effectively and will increase the chance that the visitor will just leave straight away. A well designed, interesting and thoughtfully designed page – on the other hand – can make the product look more trustworthy, and can suggest to the visitor that the product has also been thoughtfully and carefully designed.

Most landing pages, though, can be unmemorable and bland. If you want your landing page to stand out, be remarkable and be instantly memorable, you’ll need to either have a great product, a superbly designed landing page or both. Creative landing pages have the benefit of attracting your attention and sticking in your mind because they’re so unlike the majority of marketing pages out there. Of course, they’re not easy to design either – which is why we’ve collection a showcase of creative landing pages to help give you inspiration and guidance for your next project. We hope you find the collection useful.

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