SD TabletWear iPad Mini Case | Review


SD TabletWear iPad Mini Case | Review

I've reviewed an SD TabletWear case before for my iPad 2, to this day I'm still using the same case, even if it has worn over the year and a half I've had it.

I've now got the same case but for the iPad Mini thanks to MobileFun, who were kind enough to send one out to me.


I've never been a fan of the smart cover for the iPad because all it does is cover the front of the iPad, not very smart at all. The slate finish on the new iPad Mini is prone to scratches more than the aluminium finish on the previous iPad's. I want to keep as many scratches off my iPad Mini as possible so this case looks fit for the job.

The SD TabletWear protects the iPad front and back. It also has the smart cover functionality. Sure it may be thicker than the smart cover but you've got to compromise somewhere.


A neat little addition to these cases is the slot for a pen or stylus. With more and more people using iPad's as devices to work on, this is a very nice addition. I use Paper a lot on my iPad and having this holder is a lot more useful than putting my stylus in my pocket.


The cover does support the sleep/wake function when opening/closing the case. The front also uses magnets to stay shut. Unlike many other cases where the front cover flaps around everywhere.


There is a latch on the back of the case where you can slot the front cover in. This then enables you to have two angles where you can leave your iPad to stand freely. Because the whole cover is latched in firmly it's a lot sturdier than Apple's smart cover. The angles are perfect for movie viewing and for typing or browsing.


The case itself has a faux leather look which looks very good. It doesn't look as high quality or as expensive as a real leather one of course. But for the price you can't complain.

Overall the case is brilliant for anyone who's looking for all round protection for a low price. The design of the case is smart and minimal and does everything a smart cover does. It's great for the iPad Mini which is already a small device. You will have to give up the super skinny feel of the iPad Mini though, but it's worth it if you want the full protection.

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