Press for Android, Makes Reading RSS Feeds Beautiful


Press for Android, Makes Reading RSS Feeds Beautiful

The problem with most Android apps is that they aren't very well designed. Most Android apps are absolutely terrible looking, even if they are very useful. Press however is making Android beautiful.

If you have an iPad and love Reeder, you'll absolutely love Press. Press makes reading RSS feeds a beautiful affair.

The app is downright gorgeous. It has a super minimal and clean look with red being its accent colour. In terms of design it murders any other RSS reader app out there for Android. Most RSS apps I've found are usually very clunky and not user friendly at all.

Press simply hooks up to your Google Reader account and it's ready to go. It'll download all your feeds for you and organise them how you have organised them in Google Reader itself. So if you have folders for your feeds, those folders will show up.

They've simplified the process of reading a feed very well. If you're using the app on a tablet, you're given a split pane on the main screen. Left side for your folders and right side for the actual feeds. It makes finding feeds a lot easier. The feeds also carry over the favicons/avatars, making it super easy to recognise them.

The app has offline support. So for example you can download all your feeds when you're at home and then read them on the way to work.

Of course the app isn't perfect yet. It's only just been released. Some problems I came across was that it can take a while to sync and the app can freeze if you have a lot feeds. But the developers have confirmed with me that they are updating the app very soon to actually fix this issue.T he app also doesn't let you add any more feeds directly from it. I'm hoping they'll add this in a future update.

Press actually makes me want to read my RSS feeds on my Nexus 7, something I always dreaded because there was no perfect app for the job.

Press for Android - £1.22