OCDock – Minimalistic iPhone Dock

The OCDock is every minimalists dream dock for their iPhone. This super minimal dock is made specifically to clean up your desk and is designed to match the look of an iMac. It fits directly onto the iMac stand, making it look flush against the aluminium.

A really neat feature of the dock is that it can still connect your iPhone to your iMac via USB. It has a super thin wire, 0.18mm to be exact, which wraps under the iMac stand and can be connected to a USB port. It’ll then charge and sync your iPhone just like a regular cable. This feature is very unique and I’ve never seen it done with any other dock. It also contributes to the minimalistic look and appears as though there are no wires at all.

The OCDock is currently a Kickstarter project and works with both the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5. It comes in two colours, iMac silver or jet matte black. If you pledge $55 or more you should get yourself one of these products. The project has nearly already hit it’s $49,000 target and still gas 16 days to go so it looks like it will meet it’s targeted funding.


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