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Magazines Come To UK Google Play Store

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Magazines Come To UK Google Play Store

After a year or so since announcement, magazines have at last hit the UK version of the Google Play Store. One problem with the Play Store is that content can take a while before it actually comes out of the US and to other regions of the Play Store.

Downloading magazines now sits along the ability to download apps, music, books and movies all from one app. Google have been trying to unify the experience, it's why they renamed the whole thing to the Play Store from Android Market.

When you head into the magazine section you are instantly shown a feature which puts you through to magazines which are offering 30 day free trial periods. So you can essentially get yourself a copy for free. There are some big ones available such as Vogue, GQ, WIRED, T3, Computer Arts, TotalFilm and various others. Even though you do get a free copy you still have to enter in your card details and are forced to subscribe, so make sure you remember to cancel a subscription.