Hatch - A Tamagotchi Like Pet Game


Hatch - A Tamagotchi Like Pet Game

I remember the days of Tamagotchi, those little egg shaped devices which had tiny screens on which you could take care of your own virtual pet. They were massively popular for children alike, every kid wanted one.

Many have tried to live up to the Tamagotchi popularity on Android and iOS but have failed. None have even come closely popular. But there is a new one which is coming just round the corner.

The makers of Clear for iOS are coming out with a new game called Hatch, which is very similar to Tamagotchi. From the promo video they have released for the game, it looks insanely cute.

When you adopt a Fugu (that's what the little creatures are called) you have to do all the regular things you would with a real pet, like feed it and give it attention. But it can also do other things like dance to music you're playing and sleep when you sleep.

You can sign up for one now and should expect it in Spring 2013. I've got to admit, I've signed up for one too.