Gmail for iOS Updated to v2.0, New Minimalistic Look

Google have just updated their Gmail app for iOS to v2.0 and it is absolutely stunning. Continuing their fashion of making their services cleaner and more minimal, Google have brought the look over to the Gmail app.

The new app now supports multiple accounts. So however many Gmail accounts or Google Apps accounts you have, you can sign in with them on the new app.

With prediction search being so popular, it has also been implemented on this app. As you type your query, results will show up instantly. It’s a very useful feature and makes searching for specific emails very quick.

The overall minimalistic design of the app is beautiful. It makes reading email so much better and a lot more pleasurable on a small mobile screen like the iPhone. You can tell since acquiring Sparrow, they have used their new acquired workforce in the design of this app.

The iPad version does also carry over the latest redesign and the latest features.

Gmail for iOS

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