Form 1 – 3D Printer

3D printing is becoming bigger and bigger in the consumer market, giving your average Joe the ability to design something on his computer and have it made right away in his own home.

However 3D printing is still a pretty expensive to get into, with printers and software being expensive and the material also being expensive.

Formlabs have come up with a 3D printer which is more affordable, but definitely not cheap. They are calling it the Form 1 and it can print objects in the most amazing detail, down to 300 microns, which means it can fine tune details down to 0.012 inches.

The Form 1 will cost $3,300 and you can pre-order one now. In the box comes the printer itself, form finish kit, form software and 1 litre of resin. It’s expected to ship April 2013.

Form 1

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