Daily Mirror Now Free on iPad


Daily Mirror Now Free on iPad

The Daily Mirror, one of the leading newspapers in the UK has made a notable move which may be a game changer. They usually sell their newspaper for 45p to cover printing and delivery costs, with advertising making up most of their revenue. However if you have an iPad, you can now get paper for free for 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday.

The Daily Mirror is a huge player in the newspaper industry in the UK and with a bold move like this it might make other newspaper take the same step.

With it being an electronic version of the paper, it is a lot more interactive, including a lot more interactive features such as videos, expandable articles and a live news ticker. You also get the ability to download the last 30 days worth of papers.

Hopefully a step like this will make other newspapers do the same. And with their revenue coming mainly from advertising. A lot more people are likely to download the papers then.

You can find the Daily Mirror in the App Store now and is only free for the UK.