Auxo - How App Switching Should Be Done on iOS


Auxo Now Available for iOS 5.1 & iOS 6 | Cydia

The app switcher on iOS is crap, every iOS user will know. Android's app switching is much better and easily blows iOS' out of the water. But a new concept for changing the iOS app switcher has come to life.

Auxo was a concept which was put on TheVerge forums by Sentry. Because the iPhone 5 had a larger screen, Sentry was wondering why Apple didn't make use of that larger screen by making the app switcher larger. So he created a concept which did what Apple should have.

Sentry's idea was to make apps show their actual state in the app switcher. As you can see from the screenshot above, you see the app icon and name like usual but behind the icon is now a screenshot of the app in the state you left it in. It's a neat little trick which actually works very well.

The concept was so well thought out that Sentry and some developers actually ended up creating the tweak for Cydia. The tweak is now fully working as shown and looks pretty awesome.

Unfortunately it's not available on Cydia yet and only compatible with iOS 6. So the only device able to use it when it does come out is the iPhone 4. The developers have said that an iOS 5 version will be coming so that it works on the iPhone 4S too. Everyone is still waiting for the iPhone 5 jailbreak though, where this tweak will work really well.