Waste Time By Browsing Useless Websites


Waste Time By Browsing Useless Websites

Are you one of those very lucky people who just has too much time on their hands? Do you like browsing the internet to just end up looking for nyan cats? There is a website for you.

The Useless Web is a website which leads you to useless websites. It was built by Tim Holman and he somehow took out the time to find completely useless websites and put them all in one place so you can visit them.

You hit the "please" button and you'll be given a random website every time.

It's actually the most useless thing ever, it's such a waste of time but it's hilarious what you come across. For those of you who love GIF's, you'll find many websites which are GIF's and music put together for no reason whatsoever.

The Useless Web