The Stylus by Nixon | Headphones


The Stylus by Nixon | Headphones

Nixon are mainly known for their minimal style watches however they have dabbed into the headphone market, like many other companies. And true to their minimal style, they have some very minimal and stylish headphones for sale. If you want to set yourself apart from Beats by Dre then these are perfect. Why pay so much for a pair of headphones that give you average sound quality

. Nixon are known for the high quality products and these headphones are no different. The Stylus are the perfect headphones for a bold presence without compromising sound quality. They have a 45mm dynamic driver which give out very high quality sound, it is up there when it comes to other high quality brands.

They come in white & black, all black and green & red. The Nixon website is selling them for £110 but if you do a search on the internet you may be able to find them cheaper elsewhere.

The Stylus by Nixon