Piccolo - Minimal LED Desk Light


Piccolo - Minimal LED Desk Light

Piccolo is one of the latest Kickstarter projects which has just recently launched and is quickly heading to it's goal of sourcing $40,000.

It's a super minimal LED desk lamp which just connects directly via USB. It draws enough power to light up the LED very brightly, as we know LED's don't require too much power to be lit. However you can connect it to a plug which will make the light 35% brighter.

Instead of being the bright white colour you may see from LED's, this uses a warmer light, very much alike standard light bulbs. It's nearly as thin as a pencil and is made from aluminium. You are then given the choice of having either a glass, marble or black anodised base.

Unfortunately the project is only being limited to North America which is a huge shame. But the creator of the product has said that if it greatly exceeds its fundraising it may consider sending it out to other countries.