ORA iPad Speaker System

The iPad has terrible speakers, any iPad user will know and agree. The speaker is small, it’s tinny and it sits on the back of the iPad so it’s not even facing you.

ORA wants to change that by providing a proper speaker system for your iPad. It’s a case that your iPad sits in, the case then doubles up as a speaker which surrounds your iPad, giving you a better and more immersive audio experience.

The case has eight speakers, all around the frame. It has a rechargeable battery so it doesn’t suck all the juice from your iPad and it lasts as long as your iPad battery would usually last.

You can also charge your iPad through the case directly, so need to keep taking it out of the case to charge it.

ORA is currently a Kickstarter project and is looking to raise a hefty $450,000. The base model starts at $99 which isn’t cheap compared to many alternatives out there.


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