OlloClip for iPhone Review


OlloClip for iPhone Review

Attaching a lens to your phone is a bit of an awkward but serious way to take your mobile photography to the next level. There are many lens add-ons out there for phones at the moment, but for the iPhone the OlloClip seems to be the best yet.

The OlloClip is a small lens system which simply slides on to your iPhone. There's no need for glue or magnets or anything of the sort, it simply slides on and off very easily and quickly.

OlloClip for iPhone Review

It features three different lenses which are in one small compact unit. There is a macro lens, wide-angle lens and a fisheye lens. The macro lens is for super close-up shots, the wide-angle is for wide shots, and the fisheye is for super wide shots - it approximately has a 180 degree field-of-view which is simply amazing.

The lens themselves use actual glass, not cheap plastic and they're surrounded by a fire-red metal casing. It's all very professional looking and doesn't feel cheap whatsoever.

Unfortunately with the weather in the UK being absolutely terrible for the past few weeks, I didn't get a proper chance to go anywhere and take some really good pictures with it.

Below is a comparison (click on pic to enlarge) of the comparison between the normal iPhone lens, the wide-angle lens and the fisheye lens. You can clearly see how much more fits in the frame using the lens. The only unfortunate thing is that the lenses do cut off the corners of the pictures.

OlloClip Lens Comparison

Below is an example of the macro lens. This lens particularly is extraordinary. It's simply amazing what you can see using the macro lens, some detail not even the human eye can see. The subject below is a one penny coin. Click on the picture to enlarge it to it's full resolution.

OlloClip Macro Example

There are quite a few more pics on the official OlloClip website. So if you're looking for more sample images it's worth heading over there.

Overall the OlloClip is an absolutely brilliant accessory for those who love taking pictures with their phone. However this accessory definitely isn't for everyone considering it's price. With it going for over £60 it's not cheap. This will make you consider whether you really want the accessory or not and whether it's worth your cash. If you're hugely into taking pictures with your iPhone I couldn't recommend this accessory enough. It's easily one of the best ways to take your mobile photography to the next level.

Of course with the recent release of the iPhone 5, this OlloClip will not fit. However an iPhone 5 version is coming very soon.

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