Nokia Here Maps Released for iPhone & iPad


Nokia Here Maps Released for iPhone & iPad

Nokia have just released Here Maps for iOS. This is their rebranded version of their Maps which will also be available for Android.

Nokia Here Maps does a lot correctly which iOS 6 maps don't. iOS 6 maps might not be a problem in some major parts of the US, but it's still very poor here in the UK. Nokia Here Maps works great in the UK and I remember using Nokia's mapping service in the Symbian days on my Nokia N95, it was still great back then.

There are a number of features which are very notable in Here Maps. You now get four different views, map view, satellite view, public transport view and live traffic view. For traffic you can even choose to show or hide information like traffic incidents, accidents, construction work, congestion and any other sort of delays. The construction work will be very useful in the UK because of the amount of damn road works we have going on constantly is ridiculous. The traffic is colour coded for orange being minor, red for major and black for critical.

The app offers directions too, letting you plan your route, what time you're going and where you're going of course. It offers normal driving directions, walking directions and public transport too. It's a huge shame it doesn't offer actual navigation, it would compete very well with Google then.

Even though the app is doesn't store map data, requiring you to download it on the fly, the app does offer the ability to save a part of a map. Like Google's Maps app on Android, you can select an area and download it, so you can access it even when you do not have signal.

The app still is no where near perfect. It lags here and there and is actually a little blurry, with text and everything else not sharp at all. It just does not feel refined and a finished product which is a shame from a huge company like Nokia, you'd think they'd be able to hire some of the best developers.

If you're looking for the best maps experience Android is the place to be still. Nothing else even comes close to Android's maps service which is by far and away the best available on a smartphone.

Nokia Here Maps for iOS