iZettle Launches In UK, Too Bad Square


iZettle Launches In UK, Too Bad Square

iZettle has at last launched in the UK, giving small business owners the ability to take card payments wirelessly through their smartphones.

If you know of Square then this is exactly the same. However Square have only been operating the US which is a shame because iZettle is way ahead, launching in many EU countries already.

This neat little device now lets anyone take card payments through a neat little gadget that works on Android phones, iPhone and iPad.

It doesn't have a pay monthly offer, you simply pay 2.75% on every transaction you make. The device itself costs £20.

There is an accompanying app which comes with the gadget. And of course everything is amazingly well presented and designed.

There are some limitations with the service though. You are restricted to £1250 per transaction, and restricted to taking £5500 in a single day. So this is definitely targeted at small business owners.

When taking a payment the customer can enter their pin and signature. Their receipt will then be emailed to them.

Hopefully this neat little device will be widely adopted in the UK as less and less people carry around cash.