Ghost - A Beautifully Minimal Blogging Platform Concept


Ghost - A Beautifully Minimal Blogging Platform Concept

There is no question that WordPress is one of the best content management systems out there, if not, the best. It's come a long way since launch when it was made purely as a blogging platform. However over time it has evolved into a content management system with 66% of WordPress users now using the platform as a CMS and not a blog.

Ghost wants to change all that and bring back the pure blogging experience. It's a rough concept made by John O'Nolan who just wanted a clean and easy blogging platform, made solely for blogging and removing distractions.

Above is the dashboard that you would get with Ghost. It looks a lot better than WordPress' own dashboard and actually shows you vital data about your blog all on one screen. It is completely made up of widgets which you can move around and customise of course. It pulls things like views, visitors, live visitors, date...etc. I personally would use this dashboard any day over the WordPress one.

Ghost screenshot of dashboard posts and post preview

John made a very good point of how email clients now use a split view to show emails and their contents. Many apps on tablet and smartphones also use this view. Why no one has adopted this view is actually surprising.

The split view in a blogging platform would be absolutely perfect. You have a list of all your posts on one side and when you click on one, it'll show up on the other side. From there you can have a look at the post and edit it quickly. No need to have to load another page just to see the contents of a post.

Ghost screenshot of dashboard post creation

The post creation screen is another brilliant place where the split view would be perfect. Instead of having to constantly hit refresh and hit the "preview" button on WordPress, you can see the preview right there in the dashboard. It's a lot quicker process than having to go back to your mouse to preview a post, breaking your writing flow.

Also instead of writing manual HTML Ghost would have it's own easy-to-learn markdown system. For example when writing, if you want to insert an image but don't want to break your writing flow, you simply put in "(image)" into the markdown and it'll create a neat upload box for your image on the preview side - little things like this would actually help hugely.

This concept is a rough idea of the perfect blogging system. Of course it would need a lot more work and thinking to have a finished product. But John's vision here is brilliant.

If Ghost were to ever come to life I know I would definitely give it a shot.