Docracy - Free Legal Documents & Contract Templates for Freelancers


Docracy - Free Legal Documents & Contract Templates for Freelancers

I did a post on 6 things a freelancer should include in their contracts. The post was very popular and thankfully was very useful to other freelancers out there.

If you're a freelancer you most probably aren't earning enough to hire a lawyer to draw up contracts for you. Or you might be a very high earning freelancer but still want to save the money that may go towards hiring a lawyer. Docracy is your answer.

I randomly came across Docracy and it's easily one of the best sites out there for legal documents or contract templates.

Of course it doesn't just have to apply to freelancer, it can apply to nearly any profession. However I found it to be a very useful resource for freelancers.

For example if you were to search for a web design contract, you simply put "web design" in the search field. You'll then be presented with a huge list of contract templates which others have uploaded. You can sort all these results by date changed, date created, most signed, most viewed, most downloaded or alphabetically.

Members can also favourite and comment on contracts which makes you feel assured that if other people are finding it useful than the document may be useful to you too.

When you've chosen a document you can start editing the main fields right away, such as slots where you put in names, addresses and costs. Once happy you can download the document in PDF format.

If you want to edit some parts of the contract, you can also do that right in the browser.

It's a highly useful resource and I recommend it to any freelancer out there who would like to legally protect themselves.