How To Get The Best Connection In Black Ops 2

Black Ops 2 was released just a few days ago and it already started having problems with so many people trying to get on it all at once, with servers going down, people unable to get into games and a number of other problems.

Black Ops 2 has got an option that now enables users to find the best connection. Other Call of Duty games have had this feature but I found it never worked properly. However on the latest game it does.

Treyarch though haven’t made the option very prominent. To get the best connection you have to go to “Find Game”, then before selecting a game type you’ll see “Search Preferences” in the bottom right. Simply go into Search Preferences and choose “Best”.

Now whenever you search for a game it will search for lobbies hosted by those with a high speed connection and very low ping. The one drawback is that it does take a few seconds more to find a game, but it’s worth it when you notice the difference in a game.

Of course this will only work if your internet connection is good. You have to have a good mix of high speed internet and a low ping to be able to win in gun fights.

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