From The UK? Have A Product Idea? Get It On Kickstarter


From The UK? Have A Product Idea? Get It On Kickstarter

Do you have a cool product idea? Having trouble getting funding? Don't want to take out a loan?  From the UK? - Get your product on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter the crowdsourced funding website has been US based since launch. Anyone from around the world could put up a product but they'd need a US bank account - obviously this is quite a bit of hassle.

The idea of Kickstarter is that you have a product idea, put it up on the website, including images, videos and descriptions. You then price it and anyone can help fund your project. It's very simple and has helped fund projects with absolute millions.

The site is now coming to the UK, recognising that us Brits are the ones that create awesome products. Look at Apple's designer, Jonathan Ive, he's British and he's created some of the most popular products in the world. Us Brits have always had a drive to be entrepreneurs and create awesome products.

Kickstarter will inevitably help a huge amount of people from the UK who have brilliant product ideas and want to ship them out to people.

UK members will be able to put up projects from the 31st of October, giving people 3 weeks of preparation. Pricing will now be pound sterling if you're from the UK - other countries will see conversion rate to US dollars.

I actually can't wait to see what people from the UK come up with, I know I'll be helping fund some projects.